Viral Video shows Nawaz Sharif visiting a factory


On Wednesday, ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif took a visit of a factory in the United Kingdom and the video was leaked and went viral. Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, also accompanied Nawaz Sharif on the trip in Manchester.

Why was the video important?

Fresh medical reports of the former PM Nawaz Sharif were shared with the Lahore High Court. The reports had it clear that the doctors have not advised Nawaz Sharif to travel until his angiography, there fore he can not visit Pakistan. The video showing him visiting a factory went viral quick as it went against the reports submitted.

What did people have to say?

Following the viral video of Nawaz Sharif, the general public, as well as the current government took it to their right to question ex-PM’s weak health. People wanted to know why Nawaz Sharif, while at risk of a heart attack and under extreme stress, travelled 226 km to visit a factory.

What was the response?

Commenting on the viral video of his father visiting a factory based in Nelson, Hussain Nawaz, claimed that the visual were months old. He also rejected the debate and said that he persuaded Nawaz Sharif to visit the country after his health improved, implying that the former PM insisted on coming to Pakistan.

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