Monal to be transformed into wildlife centre


Monal was sealed as ordered by Islamabad High Court. However, more recently the news came out that Monal is in process of transforming into a wildlife centre!

Who is building the wildlife centre?

The sources tell us that, The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) is going to be taking this opportunity to put forward their proposal about transforming one of Pakistan’s top listed restaurants into a Wildlife Educational Centre.

Importance of this Proposal

It is being said that transformation of Monal into a wildlife centre was drafted to preserve and protect Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP). In addition to that, this will help raise awareness regarding the ecosystem of Margalla Hills National Park and how important it is to protect the wildlife. The proposed wildlife centre will be open to the general public, educating the people.

How was this news welcomed?

As much as it is saddening for the people who considered Monal as their go-to restaurant, the news of transforming Monal into wildlife was welcomed with appreciation all around. The people are looking forward to visiting the wildlife centres and contributing to the preservation of the wildlife of their country. After all, people will still have access to ones of Pakistan’s beautiful locations, Monal.

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