Gwadar First Waterpark and Resort

From Trade to Tourism Hub Gwadar to Get its First Waterpark and Resort

Balochistan is praised for its exotic land and water beauty. Gwadar, being an essential city of this province, has the potential of becoming a great tourist attraction. The only factor holding Gwadar to boom in the tourism industry is the lack of places to stay. Fortunately, Gwadar is now getting its first Resort and Waterpark which will help it truly flourish.

Gwadar is successfully the new face of Pakistan, taking its economy through trade and tourism. In fact, Gwadar has a lot to offer as a tourist attraction, from beaches and Islands to Hingol National Park and Marine Drive.

Helping Gwadar hold its place in tourism, is constructing the first international-standard Waterpark and Resort in Gwadar. According to the sources, it will be established under the name, The Resort and it has been designed by a Turkish company.
In addition to being a place to stay, The Resort and Waterpark in Gwadar will include numerous activities such as paragliding, hot air balloon rides, beach tours, and more.
As of now, two buildings are being constructed at the site of The Resort. The Resort is a part of the next-gen housing project of Gwadar, Balochistan Broadway Avenue. Being located on the most important road of Gwadar, which can be accessed from Kahan Avenue, Marine Drive, and Balochistan Broadway.
It is a step that will, in the future, open up great opportunities for not only the city, Gwadar but for the whole of Pakistan.