Pakistan Set to Host OIC Meeting in Islamabad

Pakistan will be hosting the 48th session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Islamabad, on Tuesday. All the foreign ministers of OIC will be meeting at the session hosted.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to elaborate Pakistan’s part in OIC as well as, highlighting issues of the Muslims of the world.
Along with important faces of Pakistan, foreign ministers Saudi Arabia Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud and foreign minister Wangi Yi will participate in the meeting.

The session will be of two days, and the meeting will revolve around the theme ‘Building Partnerships for Unity, Justice, and Development.’ It is expected to be held at the Parliament House in Islamabad.
According to the sources, during these two days a 100 resolutions and more, will be addressed.

As the OIC session falls on the 23rd, the visiting foreign ministers will accompany the government officials to the Pakistan Day Parade taking place in Islamabad. This will help them appreciate the capabilities of Pakistan’s armed forces as well as be a witness to the unity of its people.

Pakistan’s History of OIC Meetings

It is important to mention here that Pakistan has successfully organised OIC events in the past. To mention some, Pakistan hosted the 2nd OIC Summit in 1974, following another held in Islamabad in 1997.

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