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Pakistan Opposition Brings No-Confidence Motion Against Imran Khan

Pakistan opposition, as of 8 March, has submitted the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan in the National Assembly (NA) Secretariat. The opposition stands together demanding a change in the current government, as they claim Imran Khan has brought Inflation, terrorism, and increasing current account deficit during his power.

What Is A No-Confidence Motion?

The motion is a collective vote against the person in governance, from the opposition who believes that the said person has not been successful in claiming his/her responsibilities. Meaning, they have no confidence in the elected head of the country. If the motion passes successfully, the Prime Minister will have to resign from his duties. Although, the motion is successful only if passed by the support of 172 heads.

Is The Opposition Confident About Their No-Confidence Motion?


The opposition claims to have the support of more than 172 people, which is what they need to pass this motion against PM Imran Khan. According to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) via Naveed Qamar had to say that, this motion has strong support after collecting the signatures of 140 MNAs of the 340-member strong Parliament. However, sources have confirmed that the Opposition has the solid support of 62 MNAs, from which, 8 have already reached out to the Government.

How Is Imran Khan Handling This Motion Against Him?

It can be very clearly seen that PM Imran Khan has absolutely no confidence in the opposition or this motion put against him. He has spoken to his party members about being in power, implying how the opposition can not bring him down. PM Imran Khan stated that the opposition will be facing a humiliating defeat and that the “Pakistani forces will never support the thieves”.
He demonstrated to the public the weakened spirit of the Opposition by accusing them of bribing/offering incentives, mainly money, to gain further support. While addressing this Khan stated, “My lawmakers are being offered Rs 180 million ($1 million]. I told them to take the money and distribute it among the poor,”

The current political environment depicts that the government, regardless of being portrayed as weak by the opposition, is standing strong at the challenge of the No-Confidence motion.

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